Requirements to use this web app (also known as i-log and Attendance App)
This is a web app and runs best using the latest desktop and mobile versions of the Chrome, Safari or Firefox web browsers. Older web browsers, especially Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser, are not fully supported.
There have been some issues with Android browsers in which case download Google Chrome for Android and use that.
You need to have javascript and cookies enabled. If you have an iPhone then ensure that Private Browsing is turned off as this disables cookies and will stop the app from working.
Video Run Through
  What does this app do?
This web app allows swimmers who partipate in the Bold and Beautiful swim squad to log their swims instead of using the attendance tick sheets that sit by the meeting point each morning.
The idea behind recording attendance is purely for fun and allows swimmers to track their swims and compete in virtual challenges or gain badges by completing swims at certain times in the year.
  I can't login
Check that you meet the recommended requirements set out above. After that, Follow these steps:
1) Ensure you have the correct group password.
2) When entering your email address on the login page please double check it is correct.
If all else fails use the feedback button from the settings menu (top right of screen) to ask for help.
  I can't log a swim
Is it that you can't click on the Log Swim button? if so, have you clicked on a swim and see a big tick next to the swim name on the right hand side of the page?
If the above is done and assuming you're logged in, meet the recommended requirements and are trying to log a swim within the allowed time from (last 30 days), please use the feedback button from the settings menu to ask for help.
  I can't log a swim older than a month
This is by design, sorry, to prevent undue tampering with the attendance data, if you need to add or modify an old swim please use the feedback button from the settings menu.
  If I add a swim for a previous day does my Pacific/Indian/Tasman Challenge reflect this?
Yes, any changes you make are reflected in the Challenge when the next snap shot is taken.
Please note that there is a daily cut off time when your position in the Challenge is recorded and will never get re-adjusted for that day irrespective of the changes you make after the cut off. This recorded position is used for the Bumps view of the data and also in the daily statistics such as largest number of positions moved in a day/month.
  How do I add this as an app to my iPhone Home Screen?
Do a google search for 'Website onto iPhone Home Screen' and follow one of the guides relavent to your iOS version.
The gist of it is that when browsing a website like this app, the iPhone has an option to 'Add to Home Screen' that creates an icon on your Home Screen that, when clicked, will take you to the app and hide the normal browser header and footer.
Note that you will be asked to login in again, this is a security precaution.
Logging In
  How to sign up
You can sign up online using this app by going to the sign in page and clicking the Sign Up button.
Note that you will need a password for the group you intend to sign up to, this is a simple way of limiting the number of spam users.
You can get the group password by contacting another member or asking a member who has already signed up when you do your swim together.
  How to request a password
On the sign in page click the Change Password button. Enter your email addres and click Request Password Change.
An email will be sent to you with details of what to do next. In short, the email will contain a weblink, click on this and enter a new password when prompted.
  How to sign in
Go to the sign in page, enter your email and password that you used to sign up to this app.
Note that once logged in you will not be asked to login again on your next visit. However if you change browser or add the web page to the Home Screen on an iPhone you will be asked to login again for security purposes.
Logging a Swim
  How to log a swim
Once signed in you will be taken to the Log New Swim page. If you need to find this page on the menu click on the New menu option.
Select the date of your swim from the calendar, the default is today. Note that you can only go back 30 days.
Select a swim by clicking on the name of the swim.
If your swim isn't listed click on Select Swim Not Shown Here, a list of all available swims is displayed, clicking on one will select it, close the list, and add it to the main swim list.
When adding new swims you can select more than one swim.
Click the Save Swim Log button to save the swim.

Note that if you select more than one swim they will be saved as individual swims when you browse your history of swims.
  How to view your previous swims
In the menu select the History option.
Note that only the last 10 swims are shown.
  How to change a previous swim
View your swim history and click on the particular swim in question, this will show you the swim.
If the swim is within the last 30 days then you may change the swim, otherwise a message will warn you and prevent any change.
If you are permitted to change the swim then you can change the swim or date. Note that when changing swims you may only select one swim unlike when adding a new swim when multiple swims are possible. Click Update Swim Log to save the changes.
Your Account
  How to change your profile picture
When logged in you may change your email address, first name, surname and photo that are registered with the system.
In the menu, click on your name, this will present a sub menu, click on Your Profile option.
changing email, first name and surname should be straight forward.
To change your photo click on the picture and select a picture. If you are on a desktop computer then you will be asked to choose a picture from your hard disk, if you are on a phone then the photo library will pop up from which to choose.
Click Update Details to save the changes.
  How to sign out
Click on your name in the menu and choose the Sign Out option. You will be taken to the sign in page.